BURBERRY Women's Chelsea Fit Midi Length - Heritage Trench 80591931

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  • Product explanation
    The Chelsea Fit, a slim Burberry iconic trench coat, is designed with narrow shoulders and a narrow waist. The collection-inspired trench coat uses the unique Gabbaden fabric from the Burberry atelier in Yorkshire to prevent creases. It is recommended to tighten the belt when wearing it to create a cute posture.
    slim fit
    Trench coat length: 95 cm. Tip: These lengths are based on UK 6 yards and may vary slightly depending on size.
    Outer: 100% cotton
    Lining: 100% cotton
    Sleeve lining: 100% viscose fiber
    Buckle: Calf Leather
    double breasted is open
    buckled side pockets
    Rear buckle open crucible
    Classic elements: shoulder straps, hook buckle and buckle collar, gun stopper, strap cuffs, D-ring belt, vintage check collar and rain stop
    professional dry cleaning